Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Illinois Election Incidents Hotsheet

Thanks for visiting the Illinois Election Incidents Hotsheet!

They say there are two things you don't want to see being made: Sausage, and legislation. Add to those a third: "elections."

Problems abound before, during, and after elections: Equipment failures, human error, accidents. But only glimmers of that gets passed along to the public. And what does get passed along is culled, edited, condensed, and formatted to suit the distributor, whether it's a newspaper, a TV station, or a government office.

What Illinois citizens need and deserve is an outlet that publishes their personal experiences and personal reports--complete and intact, without filtering, editing, or watering down.

An outlet like the Illinois Election Incidents Hotsheet.

We've created this site to help you--
Call in problems that need immediate attention.
Read up-to-the-minute citizen reports. (Click here or scroll down.)
Write reports for everyone to see--instantly, word for word.
Upload audio or video records of problems.
Review reports from previous elections. (See list at top right.)

To post your report, click here

We're grateful for your visit. Please check back, and please post!

Roy Lipscomb
Hotsheet moderator

P. S. Please verify that your voter registration hasn't been zapped by a computer glitch! Verify for Chicago or for suburban Cook County.

Also, please--"Don't Vote Early".